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Lars. Cultura y Ciudad 1-7

I See Books

Data sheet

€160.00 (IVA inc)

Lars finished at 2010 (21 issues). It was a magazine about architecture, town-planning, culture and city. Its contents were structured around two symmetrical concepts: on the one hand, architecture conceived as an omnipresent discipline, both multidisciplinary and humanist, shaping the urban landscape and the living conditions of its citizens, and on the other hand, the city as a meeting point for most cultural and artistic manifestations. Lars was also a space for critical reflection on the social implications of architecture, town-planning, and city design. Lars had a clear international vocation, published in both Spanish and English. Its contributors included remarkable figures from the world of culture.

Details: Color, 1 a 7: 54 pages, 8 a 21: 126 pages. 24x34x15 cms, 9,944 Kgs.
Lenguages: Spanish, English.
Date: 2005 to 2010
ISSN: 1699-8448
Edition: I See Books
PVP: 160 €


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